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Get The Results You Deserve!

Are you frustrated and not getting the results you want and feel you deserve? This may be the most important message you’ve ever read!

Maybe you start off each day on a slow start and then find yourself doing busy work. Do you feel isolated at times? Have you read book after book and perhaps attended seminars on being effective, only to find yourself continually getting stuck? What’s going to change for you in the next few months to get you on track with your goals and living your purpose?
If you’re like most entrepreneurs and professionals, no one is holding you accountable. You’re stuck doing busy work, dealing with interruptions and distractions. You may have negative habits that sabotage you,…habits that you’re not even aware of. Do you find yourself frustrated and want to break free of the ordinary while deep inside you know you’re ready for change? Deep inside, you know that you’re a volcano of commitment!

I know. It happened to me.

I was there myself years ago. Despite having great coaches, a bookshelf full of self-help books, I wasn’t getting the results. Weeks would pass by and at the end of the year, I would ask myself, “What happened?”. Year after year, I had the same goals on my list. Until one day I called a colleague up. I found out that he also wasn’t getting to where he wanted to be. He was also sick and tired.

Accountability, The Missing Ingredient!

Through these accountability calls and regular check-ins, we found ourselves making HUGE shifts and growing by leaps and bounds. After months of supporting each other, we had reached most of the goals we had set.


We were much more fulfilled in life. With those calls, we created what is now the foundation to Peer Success Circles.

Peer Success Circles Changes Lives!

Peer Success Circles is both a community and a one-on-one support and accountability system. Each of our members is assigned a coaching buddy with a similar drive and motivation for growth for a two week period. Your buddy will listen and support you toward your goals and dreams on a daily basis. As you are getting valuable feedback, you are also tracking your progress while continually adjusting your path to your goals.

Why Peer-to-Peer?

Most importantly you are being supported and held accountable to a peer, someone on the same playing field as you. This makes a huge difference as compared to being held accountable by a manager or a boss. Research reveals peer accountability is the ultimate driver of performance. You remain autonomous in your daily choices. You also get to contribute by holding your peer buddy accountable and making a difference in their life.

Your buddy will listen for your Big Why, remind you of your commitments, and inspire you to live at your highest values. You’ll have a clear intention for your day, every day. You’ll build better, healthier and consistent habits by anchoring in and celebrating your victories.

In the process you become clear-minded, intentional and ready to take action on your top results-driven priorities.

Gradually, you’ll notice both your performance levels and your level of fulfillment will skyrocket. Pretty soon, you’ll be finding yourself arriving at your goals and dreams faster, Guaranteed!!

How is it done, exactly?

Very simply! Upon joining Peer Success Circles, you fill out a brief survey sharing your outcomes, goals, and drive for growth. You choose which Peer Circle you want to join. One of our facilitators will then contact you to verify that you the right fit for our program.

The journey begins and you will then be assigned your first buddy for one cycle, a two week period while checking in on your progress consistently.

The questions you focus on daily will change your life.

Using our proprietary question and answer system with your buddy, you are celebrating and anchoring in your victories, acknowledging any challenges that may have come up while recognizing the lessons and opportunities from those challenges. You also declare your top outcomes for the day for which you want to be held accountable. Your partner listens intently and provides you powerful feedback.

Through these powerful contextual 20 to 30 minute calls, both of you will feel clear, empowered, inspired and ready to take on your day with passion. Over the course of each two week partnership, you’re tracking your goals and outcomes with our real-time online system. The ongoing verbal feedback you get from each of your partners will allow you to adjust and improve with ease.

Eventually you’ll be able to recognize your blocks and dis-empowering patterns and break-through to real results. You’ll experience more completion in your life, completing projects and open loops that cause stress. You’ll find yourself getting out of urgent mode as you focus your day on important and forwarding activities. In addition,you’ll have written feedback from each of your partners to help you in identifying possible sabotaging patterns of behavior.

“You’re the sum of the people you surround yourself with.”

You may have heard the phrase, “You’re the sum of the people you surround yourself with.” Imagine being part of a community that will continually lift you up and see you for your strengths and greatness. Our high values and success-driven community will provide you resources and feedback in areas of your business and life where you may feel blocked on our weekly community calls, meet-ups and our online community. There is also opportunity to network and joint venture in this supportive intimate atmosphere.

Get Results!

Having an accountability support buddy is the missing ingredient in most productivity and life management systems.
After just one week in Peer Success Circles, you’ll begin to see that the buddy calls have given you so much clarity and momentum that you find yourself spending extra time in your day doing what you love and being more in the moment genuinely appreciating life. You might also find yourself adopting some of the better qualities of your empowerment buddies.

Each accountability partnership lasts two weeks. Afterward, you rate your experience with your buddy and review how much progress you have made. You then move onto your next partnership, while continuing to track your growth. This way, you won’t get too comfortable with the same partner. We’ve found this formula works incredibly well.

For Coaches and Mentors

For coaches, Peer Success Circles is the perfect add-on to your services. Consistent focus and daily accountability are the missing ingredients that most coaching clients complain about. Many of the members of Peer Success Circles are coaches themselves and have come to value our unique model of accountability as an essential part of their own day.

Invest in yourself!

Invest in yourself with Peer Success Circles for 30 days and experience massive results. During the first 30 days, you try Peer Success Circles and we also see if you are the right fit for our community.

If you’re tired of the old and and ready to get on the accelerated path toward success, scroll down and sign up. You have my personal guarantee that your performance will sky-rocket.

I also guarantee that you too will find that our unique process really does make accountability fun and simple.

To Your Success,

PS1. Peer Success Circles has worked for countless committed individuals internationally for over 7 years. Isn’t it time that you invested in yourself today too?

PS2. Call or text us anytime (24 Hours a day) with your questions at 747-224-7253.  We’re here to support you.



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