Day 1

How Many More “Day 1’s” Can You Have?

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It’s Tuesday morning, I have my cup of coffee in my hand, still in the clothes I slept in, my dog nestled next to me, and a partially used journal to the right of my laptop open to a blank new page. As an entrepreneur, I cherish these early morning moments as it’s a promise of a brand new day and new opportunities. However …

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Do this daily and make your dreams come alive!

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They say that most every person has somewhere in the range of 65,000 thoughts per day. 90% of these thoughts are repetitive, useless and past based. Many of these repetitive thoughts create vicious cycles in our mind and keep us in inaction instead of being in action in the things that matter.

Many people medicate themselves with poor habits or meditate themselves to minimize these thoughts so they can function on an ongoing basis.

I have a lot of direct experience in this area which is one of the reasons for writing this. My Dad was more or less a minimalist and he was someone who made things happen, from investments, building projects, and most to him importantly bringing family together. His background as a missionary in India humbled him to make this happen and create an amazing life for his family.

After my Dad passed away ten years ago, I took on being more like him and simplifying my life. Up until that point, there were serious clutter issues from years of collecting stuff, open loops from promises being made that weren’t met. My home at the time in NJ was full of excess furniture, trinkets from travels, engineering books from my college days, party material and clothes. It was basically “stuff ” that held me back to different phases of my life before, hence the old me. Read More

Relationship Success Tips: About Accountability Circles, Peer-Leaders and Your Personal Posse

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Have you ever noticed that every successful person has a team with whom they surround themselves?

For example, the head coach of any sports team has countless assistants and trainers. Every CEO has a board of directors. Of course, the President has his cabinet, as well as numerous other advisers and consultants.

And what about you? Who is in your cabinet? Who are your assistant coaches? And who is on your board of directors? Do you have anybody?

One big reason people have difficulty accomplishing their goals is they try to do all the work on their own. In other words, they try to do everything in a vacuum, all by themselves, and without outside assistance. Read More

Perception of Time

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By Evan Lenz

I recently signed up for an amazing service called Peer Success Circles. It has absolutely transformed the way I go about my work. With a daily accountability partner, I’ve been much more effective and efficient at getting things done and moving forward on my goals. I’m now in my fifth week of this program, and I’m still loving it. It has become a new way of life. I should have started this long ago.

But one thing I’m learning this week is that I still need to take time for reflection. (Thankfully, the questions in this program naturally drive you into doing that too.) In the past, I actually reflected—or daydreamed—too much. I’ve now become much more action-oriented. Each day, I create a plan of attack, complete with a specific schedule of how I’m hoping to spend my time. And I track how I do—how closely I stick to the schedule, taking note of where I deviated. I’m developing new habits. Rather than habitually looking back at where I just was, I move forward. Reviewing how I did at the end of each day does wonders for my self-awareness, for staying on track, and for finding ways of doing better tomorrow. Read More

The Accountability Factor…

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Hello my friends… There is something very important that I have to share with you today. It’s called ‘Accountability’. If used, this simple and very easy to use strategy can literally skyrocket the results you are getting in your life right now.

Did you ever stop and think about how much you used to get done during your younger school years? It’s something I’ve pondered about… and what I’ve come up with was we were being kept accountable… we didn’t want to be, but we were!

If you think about it, you definitely achieved a whole lot. If I think back to all I accomplished in school and sports… it blows my mind! I now believe a lot of that success came down to being held accountable to other people. Just like all of you I had parents, teachers and coaches that I had to so call ‘answer’ to.

Now I’m not saying you need to ‘answer’ to anyone, but what I have found is if you are accountable to someone besides yourself… you are more likely to get things done and be more productive. Read More

A Fresh Start In the Day

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Four years ago, I just wasn’t getting the results in my business and personal life that I wanted. In fact many days seemed to be the same story. I kept telling myself, “There’s too much to do and I’m overwhelmed!”, “I’m not getting enough clients,” “I don’t have time for the gym.”

I had been struggling for a few years playing with being an entrepreneur and often missing the structure of working in corporate. I just wasn’t making ends meet.

It also seemed as if the same vicious cycle was happening week after week,

But once I realized that I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, I called my buddy Dan up.

Dan was experiencing almost the exact same problem. He had a great coach, yet not enough momentum in his business and personal life. Read More