Frequently Asked Questions

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Success Circles is a program uniquely designed knowing the challenges most entrepreneurs, business owners, and job seekers are facing; staying engaged toward their goals, avoiding distractions, while not having the structures that a corporate or collaborative environment might have provided. We’ve designed a process that is supportive, fun, and sustainable. Our members call it “essential” as they say it makes the biggest difference in their week, empowering them to stay clear-minded, focused, action-oriented and intentional. They wonder how you ever managed without it.
Q: What are the benefits?

A: Members experience:

  • Momentum and moving the needle forward daily
  • We make accountability FUN by having you see that life is a GAME and you have the opportunity to play it at your best while learning valuable lessons from the past. Our program is the only program that will guarantee that.
  • Success Circles helps both organizations and associations increase the retention rates of their members by over 50%. Members stay engaged in the program and they are present to the bigger (organization) mission in addition to their personal why each day. Members stay aligned each day to these values and very importantly contextually at the start of their day.
  • Embracing the Kaizen Factor aka CANI: 1% progress daily + focus + consistency + energy = SUCCESS.  By moving the needle forward and making 1% progress daily, you would potentially grow up to 37% over the course of a year by taking into account the power of compounding, that 1% consistency, persistence, and energy will have across all areas of your life that you are committed to progressing. Wow!
    You will see that making consistent progress leads to deeper levels of fulfillment.
  • Access to a strong value-based support peer network, entrepreneurs, coaches and other business owners with complementary strengths. There will be no more feeling isolated. Half of our members happen to be professional coaches as well. As a bonus, we also have daily and optional momentum group huddles for you to participate in if you choose.
  • Improved overall productivity, effectiveness and delegation skills. Experience consistent growth and accelerated progress toward personal and professional goals in multiple areas of life.
  • Increased profitability in business and new ventures
  • Get immediate access to $10,000 in resources to help you master delegation, time management, focus, and destroy limiting beliefs upon joining the Momentum Buddy program.
  • Greater confidence simply from stacking positive references of success for yourself in addition to having the clarity that you are on purpose in your life.


Q: How is this done? Can I really expect my productivity to more than double?

A: Success Circles brings together the power of relationships with top peak performance and productivity strategies. It’s where peer coaching meets masterminding meets life design. Our award-winning process borrows from several different modalities of peak-performance and communication principles. Through one-on-one Momentum Buddy calls and optional weekly community support calls, our members develop consistent clarity in their day and find themselves reaching their goals and outcomes at an accelerated rate, often much greater than 2x of what they imagined possible, all the while experiencing greater fulfillment. These calls set the context of focus and intention to create an inspired day. We believe that the questions you ask yourself daily will change your life. By focusing on the right answers especially the Wins and the Whys, while tracking your results, you will notice exceptional results. In doing so and by getting ongoing feedback, you will naturally course-correct your way to your goals and dreams. This ongoing feedback is provided both during the call process as well as on surveys given at the end of each two-week cycle.


Success is never ever a straight linear line. As a metaphor, just as an airline pilot course corrects onward to his/her destination, so will you through our unique question and answer process, all while receiving ongoing feedback from someone who is a step or two ahead of you. Getting another unique perspective on a problem will provide you paradigm shifts in your own advancement toward your goals and dreams. You’ll find yourself breaking away from old dis-empowering habits and anchoring in wins through the power of acknowledgment and celebration. In essence, you are now associating and experiencing happiness and pleasure with the progress you are making. Personal power involves producing success by modeling what works and taking consistent action towards your goals. You get to model winning strategies of other Success Circles members who may have already arrived at those goals themselves. With proper planning, focus and by taking consistent massive action, you’ll reach your goals faster and build better habits often at 2x and up to 37x in a year, from what you experienced before joining.

Q: What's a Momentum Buddy?

A: This is your accountability partner aka “Momentum Buddy” who will be assigned to you based on your goals and drive for growth. Your buddy will provide advice, guidance, resources, and resolutions to issues and challenges that arise whether these are self-created (limiting beliefs, dis-empowering patterns… etc.) or external. We do our best to pair members based on complementary strengths. If you, for example, are strong in relationships and health and seek a breakthrough in finances, we will do our best to pair you with someone who has their finances managed. Foremost it is accepted that true accountability comes from oneself first.

Q: What makes Success Circles "sustainable"?

A: The foundation of the call structure uses our unique proprietary Question and Answer system. These questions tap into what Peak Performance Coach and thought leader Tony Robbins calls the 6 Human Needs. Everyone is—or can be—motivated by their desire to fulfill these 6 Human Needs. They are Certainty/Comfort, Variety, Significance, Connection/Love, Growth, and Contribution. This is all done with a very safe environment that promotes active listening and where valuable feedback is provided. With these needs met, we have found that another side benefit is that our members are less inclined to repeat taking seminars and online courses as they are meeting their intended outcomes.

Q: How about time management and productivity?

A: You will be exposed to cutting edge time and energy management, growth and productivity strategies concepts from David Allen, Steven Covey, Tony Robbins, Mission Control, Julie Morgenstern, Tony Schwartz and, Brian Tracy. You’ll learn how to be proactive and how to be effective through the power of leverage. You will come to understand that the key to success and happiness is not about being a “human doing” machine. We want you to be fulfilled, have a balanced life, feel on purpose, learn to work with your own personal energy cycles, and most importantly have more fun. Your fundamental quality and experience of time may shift in the process. Webster’s dictionary defines time as a measurable period. Through our process, you will personally begin to recognize that time is more of an emotion or feeling. By bringing your focus on what counts, most especially your victories, joy, and gratitude, you’ll find yourself having more time to do what you love. For example, you’ll learn to embrace Pareto’s Principle which is building the muscle of focusing on the 20% that will get you closer to the results that you want, instead of the 80% busy work that occupies too much time and energy for most other people. You will create new reference points of success and completion. With the current economic landscape, many of our members have gained the clarity to start a new business. They’ve been able to reinvent themselves and make major career transitions more easily. Overall, our members experience higher levels of balance, fulfillment and self-expression in multiple areas of their lives: health, spiritual, emotional, financial, career and leisure. They are able to continually rate their progress and track their growth. This is all done in a supportive and safe atmosphere. Nothing is ever forced.

Q: I think I have Attention Deficiency Disorder. Will this help?

A: Before joining Success Circles, many of our members experienced high levels of what they called Attention Deficiency Disorder aka ADD. Symptoms included difficulty focusing on one thing at a time, trouble sticking to one subject or topic, not being able to finish a task, poor follow-through, and the inability to stick with a habit until it becomes consistent. If some of this describes you, know that the Success Circles process is the ultimate means of maintaining focus – a quality that is paramount for success, which these same members now embrace.

Q: How often will I get a new Momentum Buddy?

A: Buddies are assigned bi-monthly with the maximum time of 2 cycles or 4 weeks with the same partner. We’ve found that by partnering with different members and getting regular fresh feedback, you’ll break through to real results. You have an option to have either daily momentum calls each weekday morning with your partner or have momentum calls three days a week, typically on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This buddy assignment is based on your chosen level of accountability, drive for growth and of course time availability to synchronize a call. You can also make a request for a faith-based partner and we’ll do our best to match you. If there is a challenge in a certain area of your life, we will do our best to partner you with a member who is strong in that area or someone who has met a specific goal you are aiming for. Know that lots of attention go into the pairing members together. You’ll find yourself growing at an accelerated pace from getting regular feedback and modeling the winning strategies from each of your buddies. Regular surveys are taken to rate the experience with the opportunity to request a particular buddy within the network.

Q: How will I know if my buddy has the right stuff to support me and hold me accountable?

A: We use a very unique process in connecting our members together as Momentum Buddies. For example, if another member has a strength in an area that you are looking to grow or expand in, we’ll do our best to connect you together. If another member has arrived at a goal you are aiming for, you will have an opportunity to learn their winning strategies. In addition, there will be opportunities to connect virtually with members from around the world and choose your own Momentum Buddy. Having perspective goes a long way.

Q: I'm not an entrepreneur. Can I still join? What if I'm in a career transition and searching for a job?

A: The majority of our members are entrepreneurs. We have several members who are in between jobs or transitioning to a new career. These members who have been in Success Circles during this transition have been significantly more engaged in the job search. They often acknowledge Success Circles as having been that accelerated factor that got them on track with their career. We also have a few members who are not entrepreneurs but have certain flexibility in their schedule to allow for a consistent call three days a week.

Q: What types of Peer Momentum services do we offer?

A: Success Circles currently have two primary services: the Momentum Buddy “Huddle” Calls and the Momentum Team 90-Day Accelerator.

  • Momentum Team 90-Day Team Accelerator – This is our mastermind program where we play the 90 Day Year. Go to https://successcircles.com/team to learn more and apply
  • Momentum Buddy “Huddle” Calls – Daily Accountability calls and generally one-on-one with a member who is a step ahead of you in an area you are committed to progressing.

As you move through different momentum buddies within the huddle calls, you’ll eventually have the opportunity to select the buddies who have impacted and inspired you the most and create what we call your first draft picks. If they have selected you as well, we’ll create a quarterly team or Dream Team for you. This team will support and empower you to reach your top five outcomes each month. The Circle of Five Mastermind is an optional component for members seeking further feedback. Many of our members are happy with simply having a one-on-one partner.

Q: This all sounds too complicated. Does this really work?

A: Yes, if you are committed to results over reasons, it will absolutely work.  Once you begin, you will find the program to be really SIMPLE and very supportive in streamlining how you reach your goals. We’ve been doing this for over ten years with hundreds of success stories around the world.  We’ve been acknowledged by several top leaders in entrepreneurship – Michael Gerber of the E-Myth, Blair Singer from Rich Dad- Poor Dad, and Inc Magazine among others.

Q: OK, I'm ready! How do I sign up?

A: If you’re interested in qualifying for this powerful network, sign up by following this link.  One of our facilitators will reach out to you after, to make sure this is the right fit.  If you are unhappy with your results for any reason after the 30-day trial period, which is two partnership cycles, we will gladly refund your investment.