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“Since I joined Success Circles what it’s done for me is that it’s supplied me with daily accountability with my dreams and goals. There’s not a day that doesn’t go by where I have someone for at least 20, 30 minutes a day sharing our goals, sharing our accountabilities.

And I’m so fully connected with the dreams that I have that I started out in a very desperate debt, large debt situation and now in two years I was able to eliminate that and now I live in my own dream home. Life is beautiful, God is beautiful.

I have to give it a whole lot of credit for my success.”

~ Garey Simmons

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I’ve found that in the Momentum support circle I’ve been part of for the past three years. The group has become very important to me for a number of reasons. First, my life has become much more organized and my level of productivity has increased enormously.

More importantly, I’ve formed the habit of focusing on what’s positive; what works, and consequently, I walk around now with a real sense of gratitude for everything I have in life. Truly feeling gratitude, in my experience, is a great gift, allowing me to notice and focus on what I love and bring more of that into all the different areas of my life. Most importantly, for me, is that I feel connected.

As a single woman with a very small family, I’ve always had two or three very close friends, who are dear to me and who support me when and if they can (one of them is mentally challenged and so has limited ways in which he can be supportive). I still have these friends and always will, but in addition, I have a group of responsible and committed men and women of all ages – all of whom have different things to offer, but who have several things in common.

Those things are a desire to grow and become better people, a commitment to themselves and to the group and a true desire to support and be there for each other. In other words, a group of people who, over time, become closer and know each other more intimately, and who are learning the types of support each of us need to live the lives we want to live and to become the people we want to become. 

~ Judy Rosenblatt Actress and Artistic Director and Owner of Mystery & Mayhem

More Testimonials

I love the accountability calls every day and appreciate when my buddy is consistently on the other end of the phone. Writing out my daily action plan the night before gives me a base on which to move through my day and let’s me see where I may have fallen short of a goal or action.

Jane Wilcox

Success Circles has helped me develop personally and professionally. I’ve got much more focus, and I’ve had the opportunity to help many other people focus on what’s important in their life.Success Circles is a must have for anyone who wants to step up their game, especially if they have big personal or business goals they are aiming for.

Douglas Samuel

“Hi, just some positive words on Peer Success Circles. I recently met someone at a networking event who was a life coach and offered me a free introductory package. After that, it was crazy money, somewhere around $1200- $1500 for an evaluation session, 4 follow up sessions and email correspondence in between. I really did not know what a life coach does.

As I started going through the early phases with this person, I said, wait, I am already doing this with Peer Success Circles. A lot of the materials presented (wheel of life, making sure to have different categories of life covered) are all things I learned through Peer Success at a fraction of what the cost would be.

So kuddos to you. After one evaluation session and one follow up session, I let her know that it really was duplicative of what I was already experiencing with Peer Success. All the best!”

~ Jay

“Being a part of Peer Success Circles has made a dramatic difference in my life. Suddenly I am no longer on my own – I have a daily accountability partner who supports me to achieve my goals as I do the same for them.

I created a habit of waking 4-6 hours earlier than usual creating more time each day to build my business, spend time with friends and family and practice self-care. People need people, especially heart-centered entrepreneurs who work alone putting out so much energy to help others.

Start each day with a supportive partner who holds you accountable, is with you through challenges and celebrates your daily and weekly wins and discover what becomes possible in your life.”

~ Heather Cottrell. Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

More Video Testimonials

“Peer Success Circle is the way I start each day – focused, inspired, in a state of gratitude with an action list that gets done each day towards my goals and dreams. Having a daily accountability partner has made all the difference from wanting to do things to actually doing things.

Every day I learn more about myself – every day I live my dreams with passion and focus. Every day I build my future while savoring the day now. For those who have not signed up for one of the most motivating programs that leads to action towards your goals and dreams my question is this – what are you waiting for?

You will never get better life changing value for so little.”

~ Kay Kinder-Francis

“I’m incredibly grateful for my buddying experience with Valerie. She helped me step into a career change I’ve been looking to make for several months but had a hard time pulling the trigger on and getting started.

Her presence, empathy, determination, and bubbly attitude made each phone call a real joy and success propelling forward fearlessly into the unknown, and scary action items. She rocks!!!

I can’t speak more highly about peer success circles. The power of holding space for people to step into their dreams and keeping them accountable is priceless! Never mind the life long friends I’ve made here in the past. Thank you!”

~ Melissa E.