Weekly Wins

Newton K. Posted on Sep. 18, 2018

Pushed through procrastination to contact multiple gyms to do personal training and had a really good interview today! Got back to learning about fitness every day. And, I had some inspiration of how to build my business.

Kruti K. Posted on Sep. 18, 2018

I gained awareness of where my strengths and growth areas are in terms of productivity. I was also featured on a podcast hosted by Life Coach as a best practice in terms of attracting a relationship.

Victoria N. Posted on Sep. 18, 2018

I provided resources for people in need, surprised a former colleague with groceries, and connected with the mum of my fellow college alumni who is battling lymphoma for his life!

Betty T. Posted on Sep. 18, 2018

I closed my first deal! Started self-expression leadership program 🙂

Sandy F. Posted on Sep. 18, 2018

Tremendous quantity of “clearing the decks”, completions, house cleaning, feng sui, organizing/recycling/discarding

Great income gains: Aug 15 to Sep 15, 2018 was my highest-earning “month” ever, beating July 2018 which was my prior highest-earning month ever. In the 10 weeks since July 1 this year, I’ve earned 50% of my total 2017 income.

David V Posted on Sep. 10, 2018

I had a meeting with a company I have been pursuing for 2 years!

Sven S. Posted on Sep. 10, 2018

The daily magic moments is a really great process that resulted in hitting 4 of my pending goals, embracing and growing in my primary relationship, and commitment to health in a big way and accomplishing consistency in running and cycling.

Svetlana S Posted on Sep. 10, 2018

I acquired ten (10) new customer accounts and completed my training for a new nursing position!

Veronica A Posted on Aug. 28, 2018

I played full out on vacation with my family, made lasting memories, received a “Raving Fan” review from a client, met my goals in the gym, and took the next step in succession planning for my firm!

David V Posted on Aug. 28, 2018

Reached my ideal weight of 160 lbs and I got 1 FB campaign launched.