Momentum Buzz

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Below are some “buzz” shared by several of our Momentum Buddies.

Nick P. Posted on Oct. 07, 2017

Very good results during a conference in SF. Awesome connections and a better understanding of what to do; Found a place to live in Palo Alto; Good progress on the way to switch CTO of the project to full-time involvement; Good results with a development of a product itself; and, A better understanding of MVP concept to deliver to the market.

Erick R. Posted on Sep. 30, 2017

Delivering for my clients this past week and keeping with my morning routine of at least 5 push-ups/5 sit-ups

Jane T. Posted on Sep. 29, 2017

I was able to focus more on income generation

Skyler C. Posted on Sep. 27, 2017

Went to gen con, got a lot more productive, better focus/direction, having physical therapy exercises regularly, better sleep schedule