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Below are some “buzz” shared by several of our Momentum Buddies.

John C. Posted on May. 28, 2019

I got more deep work done these last couple of weeks than I have in a while. I also moved the ball forward, and am much closer to closing out some annoying projects I’ve been procrastinating on.

Kat T. Posted on May. 28, 2019
  • I gained 2 new clients and was contacted by a possible 3rd through a referral
  • I completed my website and social media promotions for a new brand I’m working on
  • I was able to gain a lot of awareness and finally make a shift to break some patterns that have been keeping me stuck.
Veronica K. Posted on May. 14, 2019

I lost 2 lbs, got consistent with my exercise routine, left a yoga teaching role where the owner of the studio was unfairly compensating me, and continued to book massive numbers of speaking engagements =)

Melissa E. Posted on May. 14, 2019

Booked my trip to Cuba! Putting on a massive event at work! Had an amazing 1st and 2nd date!

Elaine W. Posted on May. 14, 2019

Got a new client, helped sell a house, did not lose my head with my tenant, and learned new skills and tech!

Kevin S. Posted on May. 14, 2019

I started a new contract in Philadelphia this week!

Kristyna W. Posted on May. 14, 2019

• Rock Climbed 500 feet in one day
• Danced with my fear of heights most of the climb -> major focusi shifting
• Going on a unexpected vacation with joy
• Climbed the Seneca Rocks

Valerie G. Posted on Apr. 16, 2019

I got 5 new clients and many other new leads!

Michael D. Posted on Apr. 16, 2019

Taking a bad real estate transaction and turning into a profitable investment =)

Sarah W. Posted on Apr. 16, 2019

Produced my concert series, gave a lecture at Juilliard, and performed two concerts!!!