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Every Saturday at 9am ET, momentum buddies huddle together for one of our virtual parties as we all celebrate our accomplishments for the week together.

These “bragging calls” are an opportunity to
 – complete and celebrate your week powerfully
 – contribute to other members of our community
 – declare your theme for next week.

Calls are on Saturday on 9:00am EST

Simply go to and use the code “momentum” to make your 1st call complimentary on us.

If Saturday is not an option, join us on any weekday for our 20-minute Momentum Group virtual huddle at 9am PT / 12pm ET.

We promise you that you will be fired up during and afterward.

The Zoom call is an opportunity to:

– complete and celebrate the first part of your day (Q1) 
– share your intention for the rest of the day.
– declare a zone action that will move the needle forward toward winning your day

Connect with the group energy on these laser shares. Momentum inspires momentum.

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Below are some “buzz” shared by several of our Momentum Buddies.

Pete G. Posted on Sep. 15, 2020

Renovated the foyer in my house

Steve Z. Posted on Sep. 15, 2020

Went on one date a week and bought a new investment property

David Rush Posted on Sep. 15, 2020

Testimonial David Rush Success Circles

David K. Posted on Sep. 15, 2020

Finishing audio book; Billing in more if routine; Established VA; and Building new narrative for business launch of Bixinabox

Damon D. Posted on Sep. 08, 2020

Completed my M2N paperwork; was invited into the 10×10; a client renewed for 3 months; was added to a big Corps vendor list as a coach :); and facilitating a potentially 5-figure JV deal!


Elaine W. Posted on Sep. 08, 2020

Signed on a new client, learning to delegate to my VA more, healing my ankle & back from my fall, getting rave reviews from my podcast, and speaking virtually more often.

Francine R. Posted on Sep. 08, 2020

I was number one nationally in the company last week. It was a 12 year career high for me!

John C. Posted on Sep. 08, 2020

Formed management team, completed 5x workouts for 12 straight weeks!

Joseph Varghese Posted on Sep. 08, 2020

Congratulations to Darren Vaniskhian on getting married to your dream woman Kerry on Sunday, September 6th, 2020.

Darren Wedding Success Circles member


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Geoff G. Posted on Sep. 01, 2020

I went to a few open mics!