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Below are some “buzz” shared by several of our Momentum Buddies.

Sarah W. Posted on Apr. 16, 2019

Produced my concert series, gave a lecture at Juilliard, and performed two concerts!!!

Veronica K. Posted on Apr. 16, 2019

Booked 3  new speaking engagements!

Regina B. Posted on Mar. 18, 2019

1) Landed 2 new clients.

2) My son got accepted to his #1 college!

3) Won tickets to a concert that reconnected me with big influencer & wonderful friend.

Felicia L. Posted on Mar. 18, 2019

I just landed another client and will be signing her on this weekend!

Elaine W. Posted on Mar. 18, 2019

I got a new VIP client. I’m managing several big projects right now … getting ready for a big inspection. Released a huge old block that was stopping me … inside work.

Valerie G. Posted on Mar. 18, 2019

I got 3 new clients and keep getting new leads through my current marketing system 🙂

Stephan B. Posted on Feb. 18, 2019

Created an excellent business partnership with like-minded individuals. Landed a high profile client.

Valerie G. Posted on Feb. 18, 2019

Released 2 podcast episodes and got my article published. Got 1 new client!

Rupali M. Posted on Feb. 18, 2019

I launched my new movement and podcast! Also, I started keto and I’ve lost 2lbs and 2% body fat. I’m at the lowest body fat % in over 1 year.

Michael R. Posted on Feb. 18, 2019

Sold contract for 26,000 today with an additional 34,000 in maintenance fees over a five-year period.