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The Success Circles Momentum Buddy program is a goal and dream realignment system. Just as an airline pilot needs to make continual course corrections to get to a destination, so does every entrepreneur and coach.

The idea behind momentum partnerships is that every sport has a huddle where team players come together to get clear and strategize the play to win the game. With our Momentum Buddy program, we realize that every entrepreneur and business owner deserves a huddle as well.

In our unique framework, members are paired with a momentum buddy either one-on-one or in a triad for a two-week period of time. Your momentum buddy is often two steps ahead of you in the area you are seeking a breakthrough. You, in turn, will be strong in an area of life your partner is seeking to grow. The investment in one month of our program is less than the cost of hiring a coach for 1 hour. We guarantee you better results.

We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and even coaches stay the course to win the game of work, life, and play.

We define “Success” not necessarily by financial wealth, which many of our members have. Success is the commitment to living a fulfilling life with purpose.

In addition, you get access to our Momentum Community platform and member roster. Get support and encouragement from our entire Success Circles community. And, $10,000 in resources to help you master delegation, time management, focus, and destroy limiting beliefs.

Our unique sustainable model of peer accountability supports our members to live an empowering daily context where they find themselves:

  • living at their highest values,
  • reaching their goals and dreams at an accelerated rate, and
  • grounded in gratitude and intention.
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So much value!

Success Circles is an amazing community and I am blessed to be part of it for more than one year. I am always getting valuable feedback that allows me to timely course correct and overcome challenges. I grew up significantly as an entrepreneur.

Nick Panchyshyn
CEO/Founder, LifeMaps



Being a part of Success Circles has made a dramatic difference in my life. Suddenly, I am no longer on my own – I have a daily momentum buddy who supports me to achieve my goals as I do the same for them. I created a habit of waking 4-6 hours earlier than usual creating more time each day to build my business, spend time with friends and family, and practice self-care. People need people, especially heart-centered entrepreneurs who work alone putting out so much energy to help others. Start each day with a supportive partner who holds you accountable, is with you through challenges and celebrates your daily and weekly wins and discover what becomes possible in your life.

Heather Cottrell
Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach