Christopher Columbus set sail in 1492 toward India seeking riches of gold, pearls, and spices.

He didn’t reach his goal, yet he landed in the Caribbean. Those trips eventually led the way for Europeans to colonize the Americas.

Columbus didn’t have modern technology as we do now.   His maps and compass were way off. He probably wasn’t very coach-able, yet he was persistent.

Whether you are a fan of Columbus or not, it’s clear that he failed at reaching his target in India … yet, he found something altogether new that shifted the world as we know it.

What can this teach us?

Be clear about your vision, but also constantly seek to bring it’s underlying assumptions to light.  Even if they are wrong you are better off knowing you spent a little time going the wrong way and course-correcting instead of operating under a blind belief in your assumptions.

As captain of your own destiny, do you need to re-calibrate or perhaps recharge your internal GPS aka Global Purposing System in order to reach that ideal vision of yourself and your full potential?

What is Behind Every Breakdown

Remember that we learn from breakdowns and behind every breakdown, there is an opportunity to grow if you are willing to see it.

Check-in and course-correct often.  There is power in getting feedback, especially conscious feedback from those who are a step or two ahead of you in a goal you are aiming to reach.

Happiness is, after all, a by-product of making meaningful progress toward your goals.  This is why Columbus got it wrong.

Onward and Upward!


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