It’s Tuesday morning, I have my cup of coffee in my hand, still in the clothes I slept in, my dog nestled next to me, and a partially used journal to the right of my laptop open to a blank new page. As an entrepreneur, I cherish these early morning moments as it’s a promise of a brand new day and new opportunities. However, today I’m also dreading the fact that I woke up with a “today is the first day of the rest of your life” attitude and I already feel defeated, because honestly – How many redo’s can you have?

The reality is that you can start over as many times as you’d like for that’s the beauty of life. But if you’re like me today, maybe you’re looking back frustrated on the times you’ve had to reboot, hoping to get it right. My weekly game-plan was to be one of those badass Monday girls, you know, the “GirlBosses” who yell from the rooftops “I’m gonna make Monday my BITCH!” But although I made some decent work progress (that I’d been severely procrastinating), I ate relatively healthy (I’m a serial stress eater), my night ended knee deep in dumplings staring at my dreaded task sheet. And now it’s Tuesday.

Now I’m starting my Tuesday venting because you just gotta get it out, but I’m ready to “Renew” once again on my “Can Do, Day 1” attitude. So now that I’ve sufficiently whined, it’s time to take action, because honestly, that’s the only way to make a change.

Frustration to me is a great motivator, that might not work for you, but it works for me. “Frustration” is only a negative word if you make it a negative word and as I’ve learned from my experiences in Mastermind programs, Tony Robbins tapes, and fellow mentors … Words have Meaning. In my mind, I “reframe” the term “Frustration” as an energy shot, instead of allowing it to eat me up, I allow it to fill me up and fuel me to push forward.

Here is a great example of “Reframing” with “Frustration”- A few months back I was being vetted by a guy who was a veteran in the virtual media space and was trying to branch off into TV network distribution. He knew that I was a tv/film producer and marketer, and was interested in some of the projects I was working on. We agreed on a loose term of an “affiliate” relationship to try and bring projects together. Unfortunately (for me) he kept requesting that I do all the work, I develop the agendas for networks, I create and organize the pitch decks, and he was going to get the Network contact. Now, this was definitely ass backwards and anytime I would confront him, he would attempt to bully me to agree with him or undercut me in the situation. After the second time, I said “fuck it,” and knew from watching him, that I could easily do what he did. I was fed up, frustrated by this constant push and pull, and knew I could execute it better if I just focused. So that’s exactly what I did. I utilized my frustration with him to branch off and do it myself. Now I have stronger relationships in the distribution space, learned a great deal about “what not to do,” and have become more successful.

Now that you’ve reframed your attitude, the second step is learning from the past and discovering the reasons why you’re back where you started. The biggest lesson is understanding where you messed up or skipped a beat. If you don’t know where the glitch is, how the heck are you going to fix it? For me, I had spent the better part of April on a trajectory of progress and was making some great headway in all my “goal” areas. But, I knew I was only making progress because I had set myself up in an organized path, and after traveling 3 times for work in the course of 3 weeks, I couldn’t keep it up. In the last few weeks I had travelled to Florida for a week, then to LA for a week, then to CT for a week, and between time differences, Wifi issues, financial issues, and lack of gym access… once I came back to NYC, I had crashed with no recovery time for work or personal needs. My monthly schedules were crammed into suitcases on yellow notebooks with clusters of half crinkled business cards of influential people I had met during my travels. This is not the way to run a healthy life or business and I know that the only way I become productive is by becoming organized. Cool, now that I’ve discovered the reason “why” I’m back to my “day 1,” I can begin working on my action plan to fix it.

Organization is KEY, it’s the magical secret weapon that will truly make or break your progress. I’ll be honest, I’m a messy person. However, I can tell you where every single item is in my pile of crap. But to have a structure in life and business, in my opinion, you need to be leanly organized. Almost to a fault. Before you begin organizing an action plan you need to organize your goals. The reason why I have my cute little journal with a “J” on the cover next to me, is to write down my daily intentions, my weekly goals (personal & professional), and maybe even monthly plans. Because I don’t want to overwhelm myself, I’m just going to start with my daily intentions and weekly goals. These intentions may seem redundant to others but they hold meaning for you. For instance, my daily intentions will be to 1. Not to Self-sabotage today or make rash decisions out of stress 2. Go to the Gym (it’s a wonderful stress reliever & I want to wear a bikini next week) 3. Finish 2 Top priority items on my work task sheet.

Jordan's Work Task Sheet Day 1

Daily intentions are great because you can look at them and say “if I just do these 3 things today, I’ll have accomplished the world today.” You can type it up and keep it on your laptop, write it in your journal, or put in on a post-it and stick it on the wall. Your daily intentions are your gifts to yourself for the day and it’s nice to see that you know you have your own back – because we tend to forget to be there for ourselves.

Now I’ll focus on my weekly goals because it’s good to see an overview of what you’d like to accomplish for the week. You can set as many goals as you’d like. If I were you, I’d keep it small (3-5). For example, this week I’m setting the following goals: 1. Get Organized w/ work and Client Report (I’ll refer to this in a minute); 2. Follow Up with those who I owe delayed deliverables too; 3. Go to the gym every day (at least 5x/week); and 4. Clean the apartment.

I’ll start with only 4 weekly goals this week. If you’ll notice, a lot of them are just “decluttering” or organizing. It’s important to clean out the messes, whether it’s with friends, colleagues, work, old clothes, garbage – you name it! When I was a kid, my father told me that the state of my room was a manifestation of how I was feeling, and it’s true. If my house is a mess, I know it’s because I feel mental chaos or frustration. Sometimes I’ll clean a room to motivate myself because I’m feeling more structured and I want to surround myself with other forms of order and structure.

Also, the gym is on my list once again because I find that when I’m stressed, I tend to focus on all the issues around me first before taking care of myself. As a business owner, if I don’t take care of myself and can’t work because I’m sick or tired, the whole ship falls apart.

Another item on my list is my “Client Report,” this a tool I’ve devised for myself to keep my work items and clients in check. My company, Starbaby Enterprises, has almost 30 clients in 4 different countries. Sometimes, that can be a lot to manage, but only if you don’t make a plan. Every week (preferably on Sundays), I like to make my client report. I utilize a notepad because I like to see it right in front of my face. If you want to, you can type it up and print out, but I definitely suggest having it in front of you every day.

Each page itemizes “Who” my client is, “What” tasks need to be completed for the week (even if it’s just to send an email), and “When” I realistically think I (or someone from my team) can complete it. It helps me delegate responsibility, incorporate tiny habits, and manage my weekly schedule. Also, it removes the pressure of doing everything at once.

Here is a sample of my client report:

Jordan's Client Report Day 1

My amazing friend, Surina Jindal, shared the tool of “Tiny Habits” with me and it’s a great lesson for those interested in getting organized to the minute detail. It’s taken from Dr. BJ Fogg, but here is Surina’s fabulous video (tip #2) that features “tiny habits” and it shows you how to break down a task into many smaller tasks to create habits.

The last thing that will help you in your master plan to take control of your “Day 1” – is accountability. One of the reasons I was motivated to write this article today was due to the fact that I knew, that if I put my intentions out there for everyone to see, I would be more inclined to stick to it … because I have an audience I’m accountable to.

Whether you want to write a blog, put something on YouTube, join a mastermind group, or find a friend to partner with, find a way to be accountable to something. My word is everything to the people I interact with. My reputation is the only way I can sustain a strong business. If I fail on anything, it tarnishes either of those things. Over the last few weeks I wasn’t that open to my accountability buddy (yes I have one be jealous – or find a local mastermind group/start your own … it’s amazing), because I had been traveling so much … and I procrastinated, didn’t follow up with people I owed some things to (out of sheer embarrassment for not being on top of things), and I’m now paying the price.

One of the biggest goals in my weekly game plan is to “follow up” with people I’m accountable too. Find someone who you can connect with, tell each other what your overarching goals are, and hold each other to following through on those plans. Or, write an article and share it – trust me I know there are people out there who are feeling like you. Be present to others, share your needs, offer motivation back, and make great headway.

To conclude, I want to thank you for everyone who took the time to read this today. It’s a little past 9am and my work day needs to commence. I feel fueled to really make a change today, to make this a self-sustaining “Day 1,” and I truly believe this one will last longer than the last one. This is not to say that I won’t have a “redo” in the future. But for now, I have this to look back on and execute the plan of; reframe, find out why, organize, and be accountable.

Now take over this TUESDAY!

If you liked this article and would like to find out more – feel free to email me directly at jordan.gelber@starbabyent.com


Jordan Elizabeth Gelber is CEO and Founder of Starbaby Enterprises, geared towards young and experienced professionals in both the entertainment and creative industries. Starbaby successfully launched in August 2013 with their first event, a celebrity-filled Fashion Show during Fashion Week on September 8, 2013 for Celebrity Designer Janique.

In 2015, Starbaby Enterprises launched its exclusive entertainment division where is creates and curates original content at a grassroots level. As a working actress, Jordan has used her passion and experience to help others break into the entertainment industry and have their voices heard. Since then, Jordan has personally launched several original productions to over 20 million international viewers.

She is part of the SuccessCircles | PeerMomentum community.

This article was first published in LinkedIn.