Many of you just attended the Date With Destiny event led by the one and only Tony Robbins and you on fire, feel driven and excited beyond belief to build things and create unstoppable momentum.  Your prefrontal cortex is hyper-engaged and you’re ready to jump in and get results.

Now what?

Here’s How to Maximize Your Success after Date With Destiny, Take Consistent Action, Have Fun and Be More Consistently Fulfilled

What you may not already know is that you now have this 3-day window of opportunity to take that fire and build something that will launch you further and make that $6K Date With Destiny experience priceless.

I was there. Years ago, I had invested in training after training and when I got back home, my environment and peer group eventually caught up with me where I found myself lowering my standards to adjust to my environment. I had already invested tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours before eventually learning my lessons. For a few of those events, including a UPW that I did with my wife. we got the “Tony Flu.” Read more of that below.

Fortunately, when I did Date With Destiny in 2005, I was prepared. I’ll get into my experience soon.

But first…

Here are a few post-event pointers to ensure you get extraordinary results. I’ll list a few more after my story below.

#1. Boost up your immune system ASAP.   This is critical. We’ve met so many people who came back only to deal with the “Tony flu” or some severe cold symptoms. You can imagine that with so many people around the world in one room together, it’s easy to catch something, especially with minimal sleep.
I personally recommend:

a) Take an array of preventive and immune-boosting supplements.
– Vitamin C, cod liver oil, oregano oil are things I take daily.
– Build up your gut with probiotics supplements. Consider drinking kombucha & consuming healthy fermented veggies.
– Minimize on fried foods that cause inflammation. Add extra turmeric combined with back pepper in many of your foods.

b) get lots of rest & consider a massage.

#2. If possible, don’t fly back right away. Stay in Florida (or on location) for a few more days to soak in the sun and more importantly journalize and internalize all the lessons you learned. Start planning to put your purpose into action. Perhaps engage other attendees and find a way to stay engaged. 

#3. Get on either video or audio with your phone and begin capturing how you feel, the goals you are committed to take on over the next 3 months. It’s important to do this while in state. Share these messages with an accountability partner or momentum buddy who is someone who believes in you and expects you to succeed.

#4. Clean up your Facebook and Instagram feed. Remove all the nay-sayers in your life and unfollow them if necessary. Remember that your environment is everything. This includes all the notifications that you regularly see that can disrupt your current mission / purpose that you declared. Clear up your physical space, what you put into your body aka internal environment and most importantly your peer group.

#5. When you eventually get back home, make some immediate shifts in your environment.  Move your desk or bed. Hang up your DWD Map / purpose statement or vision board.  Put up a whiteboard or if you don’t have one, write on a mirror who you choose to be.

Here’s a bit more about my personal experience and I’ll cover a few more pointers soon.

Months before Date With Destiny, I had moved into a bare apartment in Queens. My Dad had passed away the year before and I committed to being nearby to support and encourage my Mom who lived a few miles away from my new home.   I no longer had the distractions of my former environment around me. In fact, I had already invested in shifting my peer group by joining a community called the NY Power Team, a Tony Robbins local group in NYC that met monthly.

My Date With Destiny was in California in early December 2005 and fortunately, I stayed around for another week to journal and map out my future. This investment was worth as much as going to the event.

A week after my first Date With Destiny experience in December 2005, Eight of us who attended the event met at a cafe in the East Village before a NY Power team meeting. This was mid-December 2005. We talked about forming a mastermind and connecting before every NYPowerteam meeting to review where we were at.

Everyone in our post-DWD group looked at me as some sort of Mastermind expert since I had some experience being in a few before.  We formed a peer support and accountability group right away calling ourselves The Embrace Group.  The Embrace Group eventually became The Momentum Buddy program. More on that later.

I’m going to share with you more strategies that have helped hundreds of our members live out their purpose and make their dreams reality after an event at this level.

Prior to attending Date With Destiny, I lacked clarity in my purpose and values. I left the corporate world in 2001 and for years I was meandering around trying different things.

Here’s How to Achieve What You Want

Get obsessed with your purpose. You just clarified a purpose statement: focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want. This is the power of absolute clarity and achievement.

Take consistent massive action: effective execution, speed up by learning from someone that has already done it, hire a coach or get into a mastermind of, develop a strategy/plan, and take massive action.

Do it with grace: Get resourceful and connect with gratitude and your higher power.

Develop a Champion Mindset

Physiology: watch how your posture is, are you slouching? Instead, stand up, adjust your posture, breath, smile, shake your body, and even jump in order to increase your energy.

Focus: What are you focused on, what thoughts do you think about every day and every minute? Focus on all the things you appreciate about yourself and life. Focus on momentum.

Environment: One of my favorite quotes is “Environment is stronger than willpower.” Shift both your environment and adopt a new peer group. Perhaps move your desk in a different direction. We rise to the expectations of our peer group.

Identity: The highest level of Transformation is your identity. Prior to Date With Destiny, people called me “Joe”. After Date With Destiny, I became “Joseph John Varghese.” I asked my friends to call me Joseph instead of Joe. My Dad John Varghese had passed away a year before my first DWD experience and I added his name as my new middle name.

Another example Tony Robbins, amongst his friends, goes by the nickname “Tone” and that has a certain meaning for him.

Of course, not all of us are able to shift our names. Consider adopting a nickname or create an inspiring character of who you are becoming.

Language: How do you talk to yourself and others? Pay attention to your thoughts and words, they are important and transformative.

Get a coach. Consider working with a coach from the Tony Robbins community or getting a peer coach and being in a mastermind.  During my first 6 months with joining Mastery University, I worked with with the top Tony Robbins coach, a man named Michael Nitti. Our calls were less frequent at two times a month. I found myself wiggling out of what I said I would do since our calls were so infrequent.

It was a few months working with Michael that I did Date With Destiny. Michael saw that I was getting amazing results from the mastermind that we formed after, that he encouraged me to build it out to support more people. Eventually, that Mastermind became Success Circles, international peer support, and accountability community.   We’ve supported hundred or personal growth grads reach their goals by getting daily course-correcting feedback for a peer who is a step or 2 ahead of them and ideally you will be a step ahead of them in another area of life. Every two weeks, you get a new buddy since we found out that buddies get too comfortable at times and let each other off the hook.

Learn more below on how our Momentum Buddy program works or reach out to me to schedule a call at http://jv.zone.

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