I found out last night that our dear friend Ellen Seftel Reach passed away due to cancer. Ellen was one of the most growth-minded people I know. She was very active with the NYPowerteam during the early years in the 1990s and in the 2000s when I first met her.

Ellen was a lifelong learner and truly lived CANI aka “Constant and Never-Ending Improvement.” She had a passion for personal growth work, and she invested considerable time and energy into learning mastery from many of the greats…Mastery University, Peak Potentials, NLP via SRI Coaching, and so much more.

I got to personally know Ellen and her incredible work ethic when she joined my peer momentum and accountability community Success Circles. She was member number 2 after we got officially branded over a decade ago. Ellen and I had dozens of Momentum Buddy calls together. She added tremendous value to our community with her love, support, and feedback. She showed up powerfully every day, owning her day and always aiming to make a difference. I still have a voice mail saved from a decade ago, where she provided me resources to scale the brand.

She was passionate about having others in her circle win. She was also an active contributor to many charities, including the NYC Basket Brigade, which I am actively involved. She was also a superstar producer in Isagenix in their $500K Elite club.

Beyond her business and personal growth acumen, she was committed to her family success, recently celebrating her 53rd wedding anniversary. She was also a proud grandmother.

Ellen and I connected in person in recent years at some of our NYPowerteam and Success Circles mastermind dinners. She looked amazing, vibrant, and energized, and she was unbelievably sharp. See the pictures below. She was very health conscious and active in her 70s and a role model for me of how I want to show up over the next few decades.

Late last year breast cancer struck her. We spoke last December, and she shared with me her commitment to overcome it.

~ Joseph

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