Hi friends!

My good friend Naava Piatka passed away 10 years ago this week. Naava was a hugely talented author, artist, performer, educator, coach, Mom, and even a Grandmom.

My path with Naava first connected in 2006 at a program called the Wisdom Course in which she coached and assisted. Naava had this amazing ability to cut through the BS of anyone’s story, with compassion of course, and get them into a state of inspired action.

She was a member of Success Circles, a mastermind community that I facilitate. We are a community of bold entrepreneurs and coaches who hold each other accountable to his and her dreams.

On our momentum buddy calls, she invited me personally not to settle in a relationship and to go after what I wanted, a woman who would encourage me on my path toward my Why and mission. I am absolutely grateful that I took that feedback and waited for my wife to show up some 4 years later 🙂

In our Success Circles community, Naava also inspired another one of our members to get out of her comfort zone and move beyond the studio apt she lived in for 25+ years in order to reach new heights. She inspired everyone in her circle to level up and embrace courage when possible.

Gratefully, as a community, we helped Naava with some resources to extend her life beyond Cancer and complete and publish her memoir “No Goodbyes” of her Dad, a holocaust survivor. The book became a best seller in its memoir category.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin

Naava left quite a legacy with people she impacted positively.

Search Youtube for “Naava Piatka” and you will find at least a dozen amazing video lessons she left weeks before she passed away. I still remember how she had meticulously organized her own funeral down to the violinist and music.

She was instrumental when it came to leaving a lasting impact. ?

~ Joseph

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