Here’s our interview with Al Wynant, Social Entrepreneur, Co-founder, and CEO of Ingomu, about his rules for success.

Ingomu is an app making coaching accessible and equitable with a focus on supporting individuals with life, soul, wellness, and work coaching in virtual live communities. The company’s mission of uplifting humankind by making a positive difference in the lives of many is also Al’s personal philosophy.

He also has served on numerous boards and currently serves as the Co-Chair of Denver StartOut, whose mission is to increase the number, diversity, and impact of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and amplify their stories to drive the economic empowerment of the community. He is a representative of Flemish in the World for the region and host of Ask a Coach with Ingomu.


The people at Ingomu believe in a holistic approach to coaching. Rarely can one coach address all aspects of a problem. Their app ensures that you have access to a complementary group of coaches, able to support you with your current and future issues, anytime, anywhere, when you need it most.

If you want access to first-class coaches who work with you on your life, soul, wellness, and work issues so you can start on your journey to living your best possible life, get in touch with Al Wynant and his team at Ingomu at https://ingomu.com.

Onward and Upwards,


Got Peer Support? Connect with your own one-on-one Momentum Buddy.

Connect with your own one-on-one Momentum Buddy.