Here’s our interview with Amish Shah, serial entrepreneur, award-winning filmmaker, music producer, and truth seeker., about his rules for success.

Amish Shah, a successful entrepreneur, who was very highly driven in his younger age, encountered significant health challenges which led him to the ancient sciences and the establishment of Deep Origins. He has been featured on Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Gaia, Dr. Oz, Virgin Unite, and various social media channels. Amish’s most recent project is an award-winning documentary called “The Natural Law” and is centered on Ayurveda, accessible at thenaturallaw.com.


Amish Shah’s Background

Amish Shah is an entrepreneur and visionary with over 18 years of experience in developing innovative platforms, crafting impressive marketing campaigns, and creating scalable business growth models. His entrepreneurial journey has been marked by substantial achievements, including generating over $110M in D2C sales through his various ventures, selling two companies, and being featured thrice on Inc. 500’s list of fastest-growing companies in America.

In addition to his business acumen, Amish is deeply committed to personal development and holistic wellness. He holds a 200-hour Yoga Certification and multiple meditation certifications. Shah dedicates himself to inspiring and aiding others in achieving personal greatness, evident in his volunteer work, his non-profit organization, and the array of courses he offers. His life’s work is a testament to his belief in the transformative potential of uniting ancient wisdom with modern entrepreneurial spirit.


Amish’s career took a transformative turn following a serious health challenge, leading him to immerse himself in ancient sciences. This profound exploration resulted in the creation of Deep Origins, a venture that resonates with 20 million people monthly across diverse media channels. His work in this field is highlighted by his award-winning documentary and platform, “The Natural Law,” which has garnered seven film festival awards. This film not only chronicles his personal healing journey but also critically examines the Western medical system and underscores the power of harmonizing mind, body, and spirit.


Amish Shah Questions and Discussions

Here’s a bullet-point summary of the questions and discussions from our interview with Amish Shah:

  1. Introduction: Joseph Varghese introduces Amish Shah, highlighting his long-standing friendship and admiration for Shah’s entrepreneurial spirit and focus on health.
  2. Background and Early Life: Amish describes his early life as a first-generation Indian American, dealing with identity issues and health problems. His entrepreneurial spirit was nurtured from a young age, inspired by the possibilities America offered.
  3. Career Beginnings: Amish recalls starting his career on Wall Street, but soon realizing the need for a faster-paced entrepreneurial endeavor. He moved into online marketing and affiliate marketing, which significantly accelerated his financial success.
  4. Major Success and Health Decline: Despite achieving great financial success and lifestyle perks like living in La Jolla and owning luxury cars, Amish faced severe health issues that led him to question his life choices and overall happiness.
  5. Turning Point: A major health crisis at 30 led Amish to reject pharmaceutical solutions and explore Ayurveda, which eventually led to significant lifestyle changes and the establishment of his company, Deep Origins.
  6. Exploring Ayurveda and Personal Recovery: Amish’s journey into Ayurveda included creating a documentary about the practice, despite continuous health challenges that left him bedridden at times. His eventual recovery was linked to a diagnosis of celiac disease, which drastically altered his dietary habits and health strategies.
  7. Philosophical and Business Changes: Post-recovery, Amish shifted his business focus away from aggressive expansion towards more sustainable, passion-driven projects. This realignment brought more fulfillment and balance to his life.
  8. Impact and Future Directions: Amish discusses the impact of his experiences on his philosophical outlook and his continued efforts to promote Ayurveda through his documentary and other initiatives. He reflects on the importance of aligning one’s career with personal values and interests.
  9. Advice to Younger Self and Others: In closing, Amish offers advice about following one’s internal guidance and not being overly influenced by external expectations, emphasizing the importance of personal authenticity and courage.


If you want to know how Amish Shah builds businesses that uplift, heal, and unite humanity through the power of ancient wisdom and tomorrow’s technology, go to https://amish-shah.com.

Onward and Upwards,


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