Here’s our interview with Ben Spangl, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Seminar Leader, Coach, and Host of the podcast, The Pursuit, about his rules for success.

According to Ben, real change is changing your mind from the inside out. You see the law of life works from the inside out. The majority of society is looking for answers outside of themselves. They’re looking to the economy, or their friends, or their family to figure out how to change their life. And they are looking in the wrong spot.

Your INNER world creates your OUTER world.

It’s the invisible that creates the visible. Your mind holds the answers to creating a life you truly love and living your dream life. However, most of us were not given an instruction manual on how to use it properly and how to program it for success.


Creating a life in which you have it all.

That is Ben’s personal pursuit and he loves teaching others how to do this very thing. All the ideas he teaches are exactly what he used to create a dream life he loves. Although, it was not always that way.

If you want to work with Ben Spangl, consume his audio content, sign-up for his newsletter, or attend his full-day LIVE seminar, Vibe Higher, that will help you elevate your life to all new levels, go to https://www.benspangl.com.

Onward and Upwards,


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Connect with your own one-on-one Momentum Buddy.