Here is our interview with Jean-Louis Coquillot, creator and facilitator of the GROWING BEYOND BELIEF™ training program for entrepreneurs and leaders, about his rules for success.

On this podcast, Jean-Louis and I talk about:

  • How we can access courage, get resourceful, and develop our capacity by knowing our soul’s calling;
  • Important life lessons that can provide practical help to people during this COVID climate; and
  • Three things to be mindful of when getting a coach or becoming one.

Jean-Louis works with entrepreneurs and leaders who are no longer willing to tolerate a work and personal life that is out of alignment with who they are truly here to be and what they are truly here to do in this lifetime at the soul level. GROWING BEYOND BELIEF™ is a training program that lays out the process that slowly unfolded for Jean-Louis over 25 years. It is a process that he was able to successfully put to the test while co-running and growing his family’s business in Haiti through the devastating earthquake in 2010 and the unprecedented social and political upheaval in the years that followed. The training program develops the skills of participants to quickly break out of patterns of stuckness and create new levels of freedom, productivity, and meaningful results in their business and in their lives.

You may access the Audio Version here:

Rules for Success Jean-Louis Coquillot Audio


Please access HERE the mindmap we have created that highlights the important points discussed during the Rules for Success interview:

Rules for Success with Jean-Louis Coquillot mindmap

For more information about The Growing Beyond Belief training program and how you can reliably realize the outcomes that you most want, again and again, irrespective of the internal or external blocks that you may be bumping up against, go to http://growingbeyondbelief.com for more details.

Onward and Upwards,


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