Here’s our interview with Jen Zoë Hall, Founder and Owner of Zenerjen, about her rules for success.

From a small town in Southeast Missouri, Jen Zoë Hall had always been fascinated with horses, her first experience was to ride a Budweiser Clydesdale at the age of 4. Her career with horses, however, did not begin until the age of 30. After a few lessons at a traditional barn, Jen discovered “natural horsemanship”, a way of training horses that put the horse first and developed a relationship with the animal. She realized there was something to this and quickly developed her career with horses by studying with some of the best horsemen in the world. In 2011, she attended a UPW and was blown away at the parallels between her trainings with horses and what Tony was teaching with humans. The similarities were profound and Jen knew the worlds of horses and personal development needed to be brought together.


Jen Zoë Hall’s Background

Over the next decade, Jen Hall immersed herself in understanding the deeper way horses teach humans. After years of research and training, Jen launched Zenerjen and her Equine Assisted Personal Development programs using horses rescued from abuse and neglect to help transform the lives of people with their own stories. She is now looking to move to a new facility that can continue this critical mission to save the more than 80 thousand horses sent to slaughter every year and impact more lives with her online programs, seminars, and retreats.


Jen Hall’s passion for horses and personal development led her to create the Zenerjen Method, a unique approach that combines the wisdom and intuition of horses with the science and psychology of human behavior. Jen facilitates seminars, training, and retreats at my horse sanctuary and retreat center in Orlando, Florida, where she works with people from all walks of life and all parts of the world. Her mission is to inspire, empower, and transform lives through the spirit of the horse.


Jen Zoë Hall Questions and Discussions

Here’s a bullet-point summary of the questions and discussions from our interview with Jen Zoë Hall:

1. Background: Jen shares her early fascination with horses, riding a Budweiser Clydesdale at age 4. Her professional journey with horses began at 30 after discovering natural horsemanship.

2. Career Development: Jen studied with top horsemen and integrated natural horsemanship into her career. She attended a Tony Robbins UPW event in 2011, noticing parallels between horse training and personal development.

3. Launch of Zenerjen. Jen Hall created Zenerjen, an Equine Assisted Personal Development program. Her programs use rescued horses to help transform people’s lives.

4. Current Mission and Vision: Jen is working to move to a new facility to save horses from slaughter and expand her programs. She aims to impact more lives through online programs, seminars, and retreats.

5. Equine Assisted Learning: Jen explains how horses teach humans about focus, alignment, and making good decisions. Each horse has a unique personality that can mirror and teach valuable life lessons.

6. Importance of Play and Fun: Jen Hall emphasizes the importance of staying playful and not worrying about money. She encourages being weird, goofy, and embracing fun as a path to success.

7. Transformational Experiences: Jen shares stories of clients who have achieved significant personal transformations. Examples include weight loss and improved relationships through interactions with horses.

8. Teaching Leadership Through Horses: Horses provide a pure reflection of one’s behavior and leadership style. Jen’s programs teach people how to develop a relationship with horses, emphasizing trust and communication.

9. Upcoming Retreats and Programs: Jen Zoë Hall shares her passion for saving horses and invites listeners to engage with her programs. She announces her fall retreat schedule, including specific themes like self-love and the Four Agreements. She offers both online and on-site experiences to accommodate various preferences.


If you want to work with Jen Zoë Hall and experience different modalities that bring together the 5 senses to show you how to live life with flow, intuition, and a deep connection to nature and yourself, go to https://go.zenerjen.com/weekend-retreat.

Onward and Upwards,


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