Here’s our interview with Joseph Hagan, Blockchain Enthusiast and Founder of Wealth Colony, about his rules for success.

Joe began his career on Wall Street in 1989 after the 1987 Crash convincing clients that stocks were a liquid viable investment vehicle to build net worth. After 20 years and maturation of the internet and stock market, he pivoted to Blockchain education and opportunities as an early adopter of BTC and LTC in 2013 starting Wealth Colony. For over 10 years, WC has operated as an ecosystem that educates and collaborates our members with the tools needed to navigate cryptocurrencies, web3, AI, and all of the rapid changes that the average person (let alone, a busy professional) is severely challenged to keep pace with.


Joe began this journey 10 years ago mining LTC (100 computers in my office and home) when it was around $3 and barely anyone heard of it; there wasn’t even an exchange or lace in the US to purchase it. His team was mining it and 3 years later, it was 100X around $300. There were a couple of other successful ventures our ecosystem collaborated on that had the same basic characteristics: they were early and patient.

Currently, WC has a project that has successfully launched a few years ago as a long-term store of value-inflation fighter with self-custody and 25% staking rewards. Joe warned newbies of exchange risk and even banking risk and strongly encourage his members to understand the promise of crypto and owning your own money. As this project is making a major pivot to one of utility – they launched an online community on Discord and got busy on great platforms educating and spreading the word (of ndau) and the life-changing potential for ndau holders.

Joe started ndau Nation (a free invite-only community) where they discuss ndau but also web3 and help their members filter the FUD and other media propaganda in crypto.

If you want to know more about blockchain, crypto and ndau Nation, get in touch with Joseph Hagan. Go to the Wealth Colony LinkedIn Page.

Onward and Upwards,


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