Here’s our interview with Marjah Simon, Publishing Results Expert and Author Creator, about her rules for success.

Marjah is a best-selling author, publishing results expert, professional speaker, and mindset coach. As the founder and owner of the Author Writer’s Academy, she is passionate about using her attorney skills to interview successful entrepreneurs and leaders aspiring to become authors worldwide. She captures their authentic words, style, ideas, and wisdom without them having to write a word. She loves helping them to bring their amazing stories to the world.

Marjah Simon’s Credentials

She is skilled in negotiation, government, legal writing, trials, and criminal law and is a Juris Doctor of Law. Masters of Art focused in Diplomacy, concentration in International Conflict Management from Norwich University, Northfield Vermont. Bachelor’s Degree with English, Business and Behavioral Science concentrations. Marjah also works with private clients and groups on Wealth Mindset, Creation, and Growth. She was a speaker for the Women Economic Forum in London in 2019 and received an award as an “Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All.”


As a Platinum Partner to world-renowned Tony Robbins, Marjah Simon has studied several top-level Business Mastery courses and Wealth Mastery courses. She was privy to the private Platinum Financial trainings with Tony Robbins, Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio, Keith Cunningham, Paul Tutor Jones, Ken McElroy, Peter Diamandis, Luke Wren and Money Meditations with the famous Master Co, to name but a few.

Marjah Simon Questions and Discussions

Here’s a bullet-point summary of the questions and discussions from our interview with Marjah Simon:

  1. Joseph introduces the podcast and Marjah Simon, mentioning their connection through Tony Robbins and Unblinded communities.
  2. Marjah expresses excitement about participating and connecting with the audience.
  3. Joseph discusses the goal of the podcast, which is to dive into Marjah’s evolution, her New York upbringing, and her journey as an international entrepreneur.
  4. Joseph asks Marjah about growing up in the Bronx and her adventurous spirit leading her to leave New York at 17.
  5. Marjah shares her experience of moving to Michigan for college and her early independence.
  6. Joseph and Marjah discuss the unique skills and perspectives gained from growing up in New York.
  7. Joseph inquired if Marjah was always inclined towards creative arts and writing.
  8. Marjah talks about her transition from being an attorney to realizing her true passion and starting her company.
  9. Marjah reflects on her childhood curiosity, her military service, and her artistic interests in school.
  10. Joseph emphasizes the importance of instilling creativity and curiosity in children.
  11. Marjah shares insights on embracing life’s pivots and the importance of making choices that impact generations.
  12. Joseph and Marjah discuss the concept of sensory acuity from the Tony Robbins ecosystem.
  13. Marjah recounts her varied life experiences, including her service in the army and air force, and her journey as a lawyer.
  14. Joseph asks Marjah about the lessons learned from embracing various life pivots.
  15. Marjah speaks about her influence from her grandfather, her family’s challenges, and the value of education and resilience.
  16. Joseph transitions to discussing Marjah’s professional journey and her role in helping clients become authors.
  17. Marjah Simon emphasizes the authentic voice and essence she brings out in her clients’ books.
  18. Joseph asks Marjah to share stories of specific clients and the impact of their books.
  19. Marjah highlights the transformative power of books and the personal development journey of both the author and the readers.
  20. Joseph and Marjah discuss the upcoming book “Next Life Next” and its premise.
  21. Marjah shares client success stories and the profound personal transformations they’ve experienced.
  22. Joseph and Marjah delve into the importance of rest, purpose breaks, and self-care for creativity and productivity.
  23. Marjah shares her daily rituals, emphasizing gratitude, meditation, and being mindful of what we consume mentally and spiritually.
  24. Joseph inquires about advice Marjah would give to her 18-year-old self or mentor someone young.
  25. Marjah emphasizes the power of saying yes, facing fears, and the importance of being proud of oneself.
  26. Joseph wraps up the interview, asking Marjah how people can contact her.
  27. Marjah provides her contact information and ways to learn more about her work.


If you want your story out of your head and heart and into the world, get in touch with Marjah Simon. Go to https://www.awa4life.com.

Onward and Upwards,


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