Here’s our interview with Michael Ian Reeder, Founder and CEO of BizFranHub, about his rules for success.

In 2010, right after college, Michael was hired by a local CPA firm. A good job, but he knew he wanted more – just didn’t know what that “MORE” was. But in 2014, Michael became a partner of that same CPA firm. He spearheaded the acquisition of two other CPA firms and fell in love with the process of buying businesses.

At that moment, he had that lightbulb moment. Michael realized what that “MORE” was. He wanted to help other people buy businesses!

Today, Michael Ian Reeder owns two businesses — one a consulting firm and the other that same CPA firm — that specialize in working with successful professionals to find businesses to buy (franchise and independent). If you want to know more about Michael and how he can help you invest in an already existing business as opposed to starting a business from scratch, go to https://www.bizfranhub.com. Start your journey to freedom!

Onward and Upwards,


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