Here’s our interview with Michael Roura Puaatuua, People-Centric Entrepreneurial Eco-Nerd with the mind of a capitalist and the heart of a social worker, about his rules for success.

On his life journey, Mike was upgraded by the U.S. Marine Corps, redesigned as a financial advisor, repurposed and developed into a business consultant, and calibrated and finely tuned into a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.


Throughout Mike’s career, he’s helped build empires, having spent the past two decades accelerating growth and scaling small through middle-market businesses into profitable, asset-worthy investments for private capital partners. He found and exited several companies in varying industries which has provided him the privilege of working with some of the industry’s best and brightest in finance and business. As an efficiency expert by trade, an entrepreneur by design, and a servant leader at heart, Mike worked with a relentless passion to help businesses that care about people, the planet, and profits, leave a significant, impactful, and positive legacy for generations to come.

His lifelong mission is to end generational poverty.

If you want to experience unprecedented growth, get in touch with Michael Roura Puaatuua. Go to https://www.empoweredfirm.com.

Onward and Upwards,


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