Here’s our interview with Rick Starr, Co-Founder of Five and Serial Entrepreneur, about his rules for success.

Rick is a family business owner and passionate about gamification. He started working at 13 years old and hasn’t stopped creating and disrupting everything he touches. After losing everything, and putting his family in millions of dollars in debt, Rick climbed out of despair by deconstructing his failures and reframing his life’s work. Eighteen months later, he had created 7 new companies and had someone pay him to take $18 million of income-producing properties off their hands.

Rick lives in Florida with his wife and three young kids which makes him grateful for every day on this planet.

Rick has exemplary leadership skills in overseeing, developing, and training cross-functional teams to boost productivity and enhance efficiency. Equipped with excellent interpersonal and communication aptitudes, he has cultivated and strengthened positive working rapport with individuals of diverse backgrounds.

If you want to expand into new businesses, drive revenue growth, or obtain organizational goals and objectives through the creation and execution of innovative strategies, programs, and industry best practices, contact Rick Starr at https://five.gg. Start your journey to freedom!

Onward and Upwards,


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Connect with your own one-on-one Momentum Buddy.