Here is our interview with Steve Gallegos, Personal Development Expert, International Speaker, Author, and Trainer, about his rules for success.

On this podcast, Steve and I talk about:

  • How he pivoted to different careers in his life and how you should pivot during these surreal times;
  • Why we should not be “pursuing” happiness and what we should focus on instead; and
  • Lessons about relationship mastery and how to connect with other people with intention and authenticity.

Through lessons earned as a U.S. Marine Sergeant, Law Enforcement Officer, Singer-Songwriter and Recording Artist, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, and published Commercial Photographer, Steve is on a mission to increase the personal growth and prosperity of humanity so that we may all contribute to society at a higher level. Through his thought-provoking and inspirational stories, delivered in English or Spanish, Steve inspires his audiences to shed their limiting beliefs and take inspired action to achieve what otherwise seems impossible.

Steve is an award-winning Author, International Speaker, Joint Venture Specialist, and President of The Stevie G. Success Group, a multi-media training company delivering experiential public speaking training for executives, entrepreneurs, and professional service providers. He also serves as one of 5 Master Coaches on BeeKonnected™ a global network of business professionals and entrepreneurs who are focused on creating authentic connections and business deals.

Please access HERE the mindmap we have created that highlights the important points discussed during this Rules for Success interview:

Rules For Success with Steve Gallegos mindmap

If you want to experience greater self-mastery, communications-mastery, and relationship-mastery, go to https://www.steviegsuccess.com. Start your journey to freedom!

Onward and Upwards,


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Connect with your own one-on-one Momentum Buddy.