Here’s our interview with Tanya Straker, Author of 6 Live Hacks for Family Caregivers & Founder of Caregivers Thrive, about her rules for success.

For over 20 years Tanya has been working in health care, she’s helped individuals and client groups achieve goals both personally and professionally. When she became a full-time, total-care family caregiver, she took on herself as a client and used the tools of her profession to turn her life around.

She put strategic and change management tools to work in her life and took her life to the next level WHILE caregiving. Stepping back from the role of a caregiver and honoring its complexity, she created a new direction for her life. She re-ignited her life and beat burnout.


Tanya has launched her new book: 6 Life Hacks for Family Caregivers: Be Your Own Coach & Beat Burnout. It’s on sale on Amazon right now!

This thought-provoking and action-oriented book will challenge you to think deeply about your caregiving role and to take massive action to improve how you feel about your life. Six brief chapters will serve as your guide to your life beyond caregiving, while caregiving. Discover how to use your day-to-day caregiving challenges to develop the powerful mindset and productivity practices that will serve you for life. Be your own coach and be a more empowered you.

If you want to have the same opportunity as Tanya Straker to Re-think, Re-direct, and Re-ignite your life, get in touch with her at https://tanyastraker.com.

Onward and Upwards,


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Connect with your own one-on-one Momentum Buddy.