Here’s our interview with Terri Watkins, Chief Marketing Officer at SpinFrogs, about her rules for success.

Terri is an executive leader known for performance-oriented, holistic, and scalable marketing strategies. She is a member of the American Marketing Association and through impassioned leadership, SpinFrogs operates worldwide with a portfolio of over 200 brands. She works with CEO’s, CMO’s, and CFO’s to find the pitfalls in their marketing, and streamline it for maximum results.

She has overseen global marketing, design, innovation as well as a DIY SEO course for beginners, a 12-week PROPEL group marketing program, and Asso-S/HE-Ation.

Before Terri became a CMO, she was a partner in a business coaching firm, regional sales director for a regional advertising firm, marketing director for a medical firm, and was responsible for innovation strategy, including all new product development, launch programs, and training of sales and marketing teams.

As a Marketing expert and regular podcaster (both host and visitor), panelist, and speaker, Terri has discussed industry-leading Holistic Marketing Concepts and Strategies, Search Engine Optimization, Loyalty Programs, Rewards programs, Data management, and other scalable growth strategies.

Her experience ranges from micro-business to big corporate agencies. She has a proven track record of results in complex strategies in smaller-scale organizations in both developed and emerging markets. Her functional expertise is broad and includes marketing, innovation, sales, and training.

If you want to get the word out about your business but you’re just overwhelmed with everyone telling you something different as far as what direction to go next, contact Terri Watkins and join her PROPEL Group Marketing Coaching at https://spinfrogs.com/marketing-services/group-coaching. Start your journey to freedom!

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