Here’s our interview with Chris Felton, Entrepreneur, Financial Services Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker, about his rules for success.

Chris teaches individuals, families, and business owners the 7 money milestones necessary to be financially literate and take control of their financial lives, which all starts with getting a financial education. He is on a big mission to Stamping Out Financial Illiteracy in the United States.

And, he teaches people how to move from being an employee with limited time, control, and financial upside to being an Entrepreneur through our e2E advocacy program.


From the two above-mentioned initiatives, Chris’s agency has grown to be in the top 1% across North America. His passion is growing and developing people and watching their financial business grow exponentially, creating financial freedom for themselves and their families.

If you want to discover solutions to problems and issues that keep you stuck especially strategies that are pragmatic and straightforward to apply to your life immediately, get in touch with Chris Felton. Go to https://chrisfelton.me.

Onward and Upwards,


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Connect with your own one-on-one Momentum Buddy.