Here’s our interview with Dr. Nicole McCauley, Diplomate in Pediatric and Perinatal Chiropractic Care and Founder, Director, & CEO at The McCauley Foundation, about her rules for success.

She wears many hats. But she is passionate about her two major projects.

Dr. Nicole McCauley is an energetic and patient-first chiropractor and a powerhouse within the industry. Her passion for chiropractic care, community wellness, and global sustainability are far-reaching and her influence is international. In recent years, Dr. McCauley has led two innovative pediatric and perinatal-focused practices. Dr. McCauley is the only pediatric and perinatal chiropractor within 250 miles of Springfield, Missouri. Her patients will travel great distances to see her for her tenacity, compassion, and expertise.


Dr. McCauley grew up food-insecure in a small town in Wisconsin. She wanted to give back to her community and to ensure no other child had to be food insecure. This is why she runs The McCauley Foundation which creates opportunities by helping those in need and by creating self-sustaining programs of empowerment, profit, and education. The goal of the Foundation is to work towards eliminating the following areas of concern:

  • 24 million Americans live in food deserts (the total distance our food must travel to get to our plates)
  • 1 Billion people are food insecure worldwide
  • 50 million in America with 16 million of those are children who don’t know where their next meal comes from
  • 9 million dies per year, which is 24,000 a day, 1,000/hour, 16/second (10 of those are children)
  • If hunger were a nation, after China & India, it would be the third-largest


Dr. Nicole McCauley is an inspiring human being. If you want to know more about low-force and low-frequency adjusting, go to https://bolwellness.com. If you want to support her mission of food security, go to https://www.plantingseedscompany.com and have your own tower farms.

Onward and Upwards,


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