How Structure Will Create More Freedom In Your Life

By April 9, 2020Success Circles
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In 2007, I created a brand around the accountability group that I spearheaded that centered around the concept — structure creates freedom.

After spending years as an unfulfilled process engineer and process management consultant, I set out on a journey to find my true passion and purpose shortly after 9/11.

I also immersed myself in studying personal development and human potential. As a peak performance coach now myself, I know the importance of having a balanced life while hustling as both an entrepreneur and thought leader. As the Breakthrough Engineer, I transferred my engineering skills to build structures and frameworks for greater freedom, fulfillment, and fun.

Here are lessons that I learned being immersed in the science of peak performance, productivity, and gamification:

Please access HERE the mindmap we have created that highlights the important points in the structure creates freedom framework:

Mindmap - How structure creates freedom

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