Our Unique Mastermind Framework Will Keep You Focused On Your Path Toward Financial Freedom and Deeper Fulfillment.
Are you ready to kick butt and take names for the next 90 days?

How awesome would it be if you accomplished half a year’s worth of goals in 90 days?

How excited would you be to play with a community of owners aka “peak performance athletes” who are willing to help crowdsource your success: providing you with feedback, referrals, and resources to reach your goals faster than ever before?

We’ve designed a program that will inspire you to cut out distractions and instead stay FOCUSED on living courageously toward realizing your dreams.

In the Momentum Team™, you will constantly be getting quality feedback from very accomplished members, creating new successful reference points for yourself, and leveraging the synergy of AI technology and the dynamic support of the Success Circles community. Momentum creates more momentum.

Arvin Khamseh
“My team grew from 2 to 14 people, a past VP of a national organization is now mentoring me (this is still hard to believe for myself!!) I had so many spontaneous and courageous actions in the past 3 months. This piece really stretched my reality and I value it highly. Knowing someone else is doing it with me gave me more courage to be spontaneous.”

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Arvin Khamseh
Demand Generation Specialist, Digital Marketing Strategist, Product Marketer

This Is For You If:
  • You are an entrepreneur or a business owner committed to taking your game to a new level.
  • You are open to feedback, especially from others who may be a few steps ahead of you.
  • You have previously invested in your own personal and professional growth, mindset and development. This lets us know that you get the value of growth and coaching.
  • You have an open mind and you are willing to live life a bit more courageously. “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin
  • You are able to commit to at least 4 calls in a month. We have plenty to choose from.
  • This is our 38th Momentum Team™ 90-day Incubator and we’ve found that life is more fun when you’re willing to be unreasonable going after what you want.
When Do We Meet?

We start on May 1st, 2024.

We have multiple calls i.e. weekly “Pivot” and “Week-in-Review” calls where our members connect where you get to be on the hot seat. One if not more of these calls will easily fit into your schedule. We just ask you to be on at least 4 calls per month (out of the 12+ calls we offer).

How do we connect?

Mainly we meet virtually on group calls. We also use an awesome online app for realtime communications.

You can be anywhere you want as long as you have the internet and a phone connection. The experience for many members is that of a virtual co-working space they can turn on and off.

If you live on the East Coast (NY, NJ, PA & CT), you have the added bonus of meeting live in person. We have monthly dinners and experiential events.

Here’s our Framework

Our “freedom framework” is based on the powerful concept that where focus and intention goes, energy flows. You are also about to get involved in a game where everyone is playing to win and see each other win.

Our tagline is “You Win, We Win!”All of our members are aware of your top 90-day goals.

1. Get Up to a Year’s Worth of Accomplishments Complete in 90 Days.

Each month, we will have a 5 Day week sprint called 5DayThrive, where we invite you to hustle, flow, and thrive.

We also have multiple “Pivot” calls during the week and Weekly Wins “Review” calls on the weekend

If you choose, you get to be on the “hotseat” followed by amazing laser feedback from people who have been there. One if not more of these calls will easily fit your schedule. We just ask you to be on at least four (4) calls per month of the 12+ calls that we have.

In addition, many of our members will be leading calls sharing their wisdom and success strategies.

2. Share Wherever, Whenever

We use an online app where all the virtual background magic takes place. It feels like being in an online co-working space that you can turn on and off. Get to see and hear courageous shares and wins from our members with our unique proprietary 5toThrive framework. This is where momentum creates momentum. You will get the feeling that “if he or she can do it, I can do it.”

We also have a resource page, where you can request and receive useful tools and inspirations many of which are free and priceless.

3. Gain Referrals & Resources

We built into our model a referral network. Picture a dozen members, who are committed to crowdsourcing your success, referring you new clients and business. This is often worth several times the investment into the Momentum Team™.

4. Opt for a 10x Momentum Buddy

As a bonus, huddle up daily with a member of Success Circles™ for a 1-on-1 10x Momentum Buddy call at any point in the program. Every sport in life has a huddle and you deserve an opportunity to huddle up, strategize your day, and of course play to win.

We’ll do our best to pair you up with someone who has been successful in an area of business or life you are seeking to grow in. It’s available to you at no extra cost.

5. We have Fun while Achieving our Dreams

We have Weekly Wins calls where members celebrate their wins. It’s a great way of grounding the week focusing on the good stuff while ingraining positive habits.

If you are local to us, you have the added bonus to join us each month when the COVID restrictions ease up for community dinners and other experiential events such as hikes and in-person workshops. Some of these events will be live-streamed online for those who can’t travel.

Connect and synergize in person.

Here are some of the peak performance athletes who have played with us!
Real Estate Developer

The Momentum Team is an extraordinary experience that allows you to be held accountable to achieve what’s important to you and in the process allows you contribute to others to help them achieve their goals.

IT Management
Aside from entering MIT, there are basic goals that this accelerator has also helped me to stay on track. The Momentum Team™ gives a structure and foundation where we constantly meet, encourage each other, and give each other pointers. It is tremendous and a great experience.

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Lead Technical Consultant EFPR Group LLP
Great opportunity to give and get feedback from like minded successful people who are goal oriented and strive for life balance. Doing 5toThrive shares daily has opened so many opportunities for me. Really a great experience.

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Co-Founder/CEO, LifeMaps

The Momentum Team™ is an amazing community and I am blessed to be part of it for more than one year. I am always getting valuable feedback that allows me to timely course correct and overcome challenges. I grew up significantly as an entrepreneur.

Tech Marketer & Philanthrophist
You’ve Been Served Podcast

The Momentum Team™ Circle of 5 gave me the opportunity to share and receive detailed and big picture insights to drive my value proposition forward and with clarity.

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Business Process Improvement Consultant

The Momentum Team™ has inspired me, made me a better person and helped me to turn around a challenging life situation to where I now can flourish in my career and life. Joseph is a blessed, embracing supporting leader who is truly committed to helping people.

Elaine Williams Success Circles
“This community is full of amazing people who are up to building their businesses and changing the world. The phone call structure is a great way to get laser-focused for the day and I’ve found that they’re tripled my effectiveness and productivity! I highly recommend Joseph and his community!!!”

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Elaine Williams
Video & Visibility Coach
Speaker/Author/Internet Marketer

Crowdsource Your Success!

The Success Circles™ Momentum Buddy and Momentum Team™ programs have been responsible for over 6,300 successful Momentum pairings for nearly 20 years now. We have enabled hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners to cumulatively reach over 7,880 inspiring goals and dreams. Yes, we track this stuff.

For what it would cost for a cup of your daily brew coffee, you too could have the Momentum Team™ in your life…and without the extra caffeine.