Hello my friends… There is something very important that I have to share with you today. It’s called ‘Accountability’. If used, this simple and very easy to use strategy can literally skyrocket the results you are getting in your life right now.

Did you ever stop and think about how much you used to get done during your younger school years? It’s something I’ve pondered about… and what I’ve come up with was we were being kept accountable… we didn’t want to be, but we were!

If you think about it, you definitely achieved a whole lot. If I think back to all I accomplished in school and sports… it blows my mind! I now believe a lot of that success came down to being held accountable to other people. Just like all of you I had parents, teachers and coaches that I had to so call ‘answer’ to.

Now I’m not saying you need to ‘answer’ to anyone, but what I have found is if you are accountable to someone besides yourself… you are more likely to get things done and be more productive.

It’s a funny concept. As human beings, and I think that most reading this are:), we are willing to do more for other people than we are for ourselves. This is why if you truly understand the ‘Accountability Factor’, it can change your life.

Imagine for a moment you’re starting that new workout routine, it’s the 5:30am the first morning of training and that alarm starts RINGING!! Your first thought is to throw the alarm across the room. Most people will hit that dangerous little button and snoooooze their way right through the workout.

The entire scenario changes if you throw a workout partner into the mix… more than likely you will drag that body of yours out of bed just because you ‘told’ your workout partner that you would meet them at the gym.

That is probably the best example that I can think of surrounding the subject of accountability. When you really understand this principle, and put it to use, you will see a big difference in the results that are showing up in your life.

My advice to you my friend is to connect with someone out there who like you is looking to take their life to a new level. The person you choose to be your accountability partner will make all the difference in the world.

Just a word of caution… don’t have your best friend be your partner just because they are your best friend. Just speaking from my own experience. This persons role is to care more about the results that you said you wanted for yourself then the excuses you are going to give them for why you didn’t do certain things.

They need to be strong with you and hold you to your commitments. You may have to go through a few people until you find the person that you mesh with the best.

Once you find an accountability partner, it’s best to set a certain time to speak on a daily basis. Once you have decided on a time put in on your calendar, in your planner or whatever tool that you use to keep yourself organized.

There is something very powerful about scheduling something… don’t just say that you will speak sometime during each day. You know how that goes:)

So my friends… I really hope you take this information and put it into place in your life.

One last gift I want to share with you before I sign off is an accountability group put together by one of my friends, Joseph Varghese, called Success Circles. This group has literally CHANGED my life!

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Rock and Roll out there my friends… Remember to play BIG to create the freedom you want in your life.

Speak soon…

Yours In Success,
Eric Goldstein