Back in 2005, while seated in a small coffee shop, jotting down ideas on a napkin, “Success Circles” sprang to life. It was our humble answer to something many of us entrepreneurs lose sleep over: procrastination. And guess what we discovered? The best kind of accountability feels a lot like “play.” It reminds me of our school days when the best learning happened on the playground. That’s the spirit behind our daily huddles.

You see, we’re a bunch of game lovers, sports enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the rhythm of life’s dance. Our community is like a versatile arena where you can choose to be on the field, court, or stage. Because, in the end, aren’t we all just trying to level up in this grand game of life – juggling work, fun, and everything else?

Life is a dynamic game, and we’re the players and the dancers. Each morning, as we wake up, the game begins. We put on our jerseys, lace up our shoes, and step onto the field of opportunity or the dance floor of possibilities. We face challenges like opponents, strategizing our moves and gracefully gliding through them. And when we hit the pillow at night, we review our plays, celebrating our victories, knowing that a new game or dance awaits us tomorrow.

Our 1-on-1 huddle? We discuss the first half, analyze our performance, and plan the second half or the next dance sequence. It’s about sharing tactics, learning from each other’s moves, and setting the stage for the next exciting game or dance. And trust me, when it feels like play, the lessons learned and the rhythms discovered stick around longer.

Now, I won’t sugarcoat it. We’ve all had days that felt like a losing streak or a stumble in our routine. But that’s where the power of our playful reflection comes in. We regroup, refocus, and with a whole lot of gratitude and a winning strategy, we bounce back focusing on our Big Why.

My personal game is about making each day better than the last. I challenge myself to improve, to learn from each game, and to bring my A-game and graceful moves to the next one. And hey, just a thought: even if every day you play a bit better or dance a bit more gracefully, think about where you’d be in a year. Those big dreams? They start to look a lot more achievable and beautiful. With each day being just a little bit, better than the last you tap into compound growth and with more joy.

So, why wait for “someday” when the game and the dance are on right now? Let’s harness the magic of play, one thrilling match or graceful performance at a time.

And remember, life’s more thrilling when you’re in it for the game.

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Onward and Upwards,


Got Peer Support? Connect with your own one-on-one Momentum Buddy.

Connect with your own one-on-one Momentum Buddy.