Today, I want to honor one of my BIG Whys, my daughter Jasmine. We are now in week 2 into full-time virtual Kindergarten. Jasmine has been a trooper. Having more structure back in her day, after 6 months of no structure, is serving her and our family. Structure creates freedom!

My wife and I are doing the best to frame this all as an amazing opportunity for her even though she misses being with her friends in person.

Every day at 8:30am, Jasmine has an early morning virtual class huddle to inspire her and her classmates to get engaged in their day. Today, they got to share how they felt about virtual kindergarten in addition to their gratitude for the day.

Take a peek for yourself on this one minute video I captured today:

They do a huddle first thing every school morning at 8:30am to set their focus for the day. They alternate different questions to spark their minds and prepare for a full day of school in front of them. I’m very proud of her and how she answered today.

Virtual school is working for us and a big success factor is establishing an inspiring context / environment to show up our best.

Does this sound familiar? Daily huddles and answering quality questions authentically, grounded in gratitude, is the foundation to Success Circles, our virtual accountability mastermind community for growth-minded entrepreneurs.

I’m often reminded that we can borrow some of the other ideas from Kindergarten classrooms in our daily lives. Kindergartens have specific zones or areas where children can nap, eat, and be creative, painting and writing.

Imagine, if you could design your home office this way. What if you time-blocked with 10 minute breaks between events. A short 15-minute nap each day to help us shift energy will do wonders.

‚ÄčThe glue that sticks it all together is of course the Momentum Huddle. Connect with a momentum buddy and share how you are making today better than yesterday. Where attention goes, energy flows. You have now tapped into the power of compound growth.

If you want even more connection, join us at 12pm ET on most weekdays as my guest for one of our group Momentum Huddles. If you want more direct 1-on-1 support, get a Momentum Buddy today.

Isolation is a dream destroyer. Connect with us and huddle up!

Onward and Upward,


Got Peer Support? Connect with your own one-on-one Momentum Buddy.

Connect with your own one-on-one Momentum Buddy.